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this is the very interesting part in making YouTube videos is to select a background so you can use indoor setting where you can sit on a chair inside your room and try to use natural light coming from the window as your light source because good lighting is what makes a video pops out less for the background The lord of people face challenge like the background walls don’t look professional and the things that I am the background that don’t look professional so you will have to do when it will be shopping where you need to buy things like indoor plants or table accessories and you can get your voice painted in white colour because white colour looks very professional in the background and you can add things that will pop out in white colour background and you can change your curtains to single colour curtain like blue grey white that looks really beautiful I am giving some example and the picture

this is a very simple and sober background settings for YouTube video where I have use some plants a single colour curtain with a grey and white combination of wall paint and have you some stickers on my door these things make a video look professional and simple

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